Two young designers create an unique story
revealing Hong Kong’s creative industry!


Designers Inbetween is a documentary about designers who turn their dream into a business in Hong Kong. The film discovers the strategic advantages and challenges of what international designers face in one of the world’s financial capitals and how the industry is generically different from the West and the rest of Asia. 

Documentary explores what lies in the near future for creatives in Asia; rather than working inhouse, creating micro brands and working as an independent consultants.

First time documentarists, Jonathan Ramalho and Oliver Lehtonen, met while doing their exchange studies in Hong Kong in 2013. Without previous movie making experience the duo set out on a bootstrapping adventure through Hong Kong’s creative industries and into the wildness of China’s manufacturing.

To raise enough money to complete the project, Oliver and Jonathan made an initiative in the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The project got successfully funded and the premiere of the film was held in the Hong Kong Business of Design Week in December 2014 where it received immediate success amongst the crowd.

From design students to entrepreneurs to start ups and established professionals, ‘Designers Inbetween’ is for everybody interested to discover and learn more about the opportunities and the latest trends for businesses and individuals in the creative industry. Among the interviewees is Michael Young, the world famous product designers; Roger Ball, professor of product design and author of Design Direct – How To Create Your Own Microbrand and founders of fashion label Tangram, Paola Sinisterra and Ignacio Garcia.

‘Designers Inbetween’ is a co-production between Wunderland 358 and Okayla Production. The film is currently on a world tour in selected design weeks and film festivals.



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Unheard-of personal stories from some of the world´s top designers seen for the first time in front of the camera.

Fascinating look into how things are made and how designers run their design processes ranging from fashion and graphic to product design and beyond.

Leading insights into the world of start ups and valuable advices how to start your own design business.

How Hong Kong came to be one of the rising design centres of the modern world?

The risk and the challenges design entrepreneurs face in their daily lives as a startup founders.

It´s not only about making money – it´s doing good, making products that help people and create jobs.



Copyright by Ken Leung, Alan Ng King Hei, Okayla.

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